Starting a campaign is easy.

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Step 1

Bring your idea to life & create a campaign page

Choose from over 100 products on which to create your design: Tees, hoodies, sportswear, aprons, phone cases & more.

Set the sales price of your item and decide on how many you hope to sell. This will then display the money you’ll earn should you hit your target.

Step 2

Spread the word and watch as orders & support rolls in.

Launch your campaign and start promoting using social media and word of mouth. Potential buyers then view and purchase your products directly from the campaign URL. As supporters buy you’ll see the amount raised and the progress being made towards your goal.

Step 3

We deliver all orders and send you the profits!

Once your campaign finishes, we print and post all orders direct to your buyers within 7 days. Lastly and most importantly we send you the profits raised! Throughout the process you can monitor how much money you've raised via your online account.


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