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How can I pay?

We accept the following payment methods

Credit/debit card: our financial service provider will automatically charge your credit or debit card. You can pay using your credit/debit card via the Internet or over the phone.
PayPal: Paying is quick and easy with PayPal, the free online payment service. You only need to enter your account details once during your initial registration, and thereon in it’s a matter of a few simple clicks. Further information regarding the PayPal service can be found at
BACS transfer: For bulk orders, payment can be made via bank transfer. We will send you an email invoice providing you with payment details should you choose this method.
Cheque: We can accept cheques on orders over £100. You will need to call or email to arrange this. Please note orders paid via cheque will be delayed by 5-7days in order for the cheque to clear