Welcome to Teefunder

by charlie  •  25th June 2016

Howdy! Firstly thanks for giving us a read and welcome to Teefunder!

Our t-shirt fundraising platform previously residing at doodletogs (our sister company) has found its new home at

We decided over the course of the last few months having helped some super cool charities and causes raise funds to create a brand where fundraising was the core focus. For any newbies who may not quite no what we do then basically we help individuals, charities, teams, groups and causes to raise funds by selling custom t shirts online. Using our  platform you can create and sell t-shirts with absolutely ZERO cost and no hassle. You can learn more here to see exactly how it all works.

First on the list of to-dos with any new business is a name. Lucky for us within just 5 minutes we had it... (no rocket science needed)


Having coming up with the name so quickly we thought the rest can't be that easier and it wasn't - over the following weeks our branding gurus played with all sorts of typefaces, colours and designs to create an icon and typeface to match our shiny new name.

After lots of detailed research into the ''t-shirt'' what it represents and why people wear them we came to the conclusion that wearing a particular t shirt is a representation of you, who you support and in most cases what you love. All of what we're about :)

So with all that in mind the drawings began and we soon had our finished work of art...


With all the fancy bits now done, website looking and working wonderfully it's time to start helping people across the world become fundraising superstars.

We're glad to have you here and hopefully you can join us on our journey!